Aquatic Weed Eradicators available to PLA Members


The Piseco Lake Association (PLA) has purchased two Aquatic Weed Eradicators (AWEs), for the exclusive use of PLA members to cut growing clusters of Juncus militaris (Soldier Rush, Bayonet Rush, Military Rush) that are interfering with the members use of their shallow, beachfront property areas. The AWEs will be available for use over a one-day time duration and will be located at Ken Kull’s camp, located at 32 East Shore Road. Members are asked to call Ken (518-548-6611) ahead of time to assure AWE availability. Appropriate use of the AWE is identified in the below instruction.

Cutting the Soldier Rush consists of pushing or pulling the rake’s serrated edge just above the lake bottom, to sever the plant stems. (Rake contact with rocks or sand will dull the cutting edges.) Once severed, the stems will float to the water surface. Please collect the severed stems and dispose of them on your property, at a location above the lake high water level. One method for collection of the cut stems is to have a paddle board or canoe adjacent to your cutting location onto/into which you can place the cut stems. Collection of the cut stems will prevent uncollected stems from floating to another shore location and littering  that site. Responsible management activities associated with aquatic plant growth is appreciated by all.

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