Hello all.

Welcome the new addition to our community…the Piseco Pavilion. This is a 10’ x 10’ screened in building and is located at the Piseco Airport across from the Schlansker Playground.

In the winter, it can be used as a bit of a warming hut for xc skiers, walkers, snowshoers, anyone using the area. In the summer we will remove the plastic sheets and it can be used to rest and take refuge from the sun before or after a hike/walk or watching the kids on the playground.

Thanks to the Town of Arietta for use of their land and especially Chris Rhodes and Craig Small and his crew for preparing the site. Special thanks to our sponsors for their financial support: The Piseco Lake Association, The Piseco Women’s Auxiliary, and the Speculator Lion’s Club. Thanks to all the members of the Foxey Brown Trail Maintenance crew for help in staining the pavilion, the Lake Pleasant Central School for use of the CNC machine to make The Piseco Pavilion sign and Sarah and Bryan Rudes for the donation of the three benches.

Thanks to the PLA Recreation & Trail Committee that includes Sheila Crouse, former member, and now one of two DEC Land Managers for our area, Jaime Parslow and myself. And lastly, thanks to Ezra Herschberger of Poland, NY for his fine craftsmanship in constructing our pavilion.

As you see from the photos, the DEC has moved the Foxey Brown XC Ski/Hiking Trail sign-in kiosk near the pavilion and a rack has been made for skis. The trail is now accessed by going towards the rest rooms to the north, through the opening in the fence and then along the path adjacent to the runway. A proper set of stairs will be added in the Spring.

This was truly a community effort and thanks again to all who helped. Please keep the pavilion clean, no overnight stays and report any damages, comments or suggestions to PLA board member and trail maintenance supervisor Bob Erickson.

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