VOLUNTEER! Piseco as a Loon Friendly Lake

The Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation (ACLC) initiated a “Loon-Friendly Lake Certification” Program in the summer of 2020 that promotes community-based environmental stewardship to better protect loons and their aquatic habitats.


Participation in this certification program, along with other Adirondack lake associations and community groups, will lead to enhanced understanding of loon natural history and behavior by Adirondack residents and visitors.  These efforts contribute to cleaner lakes, improved loon nesting success, fewer loon injuries from fishing line and lead tackle, and reduced human disturbance.


The PLA Board has approved a motion to participate in this program.  We are seeking volunteers to serve on a committee of 8 – 12 members representing all areas of the Lake to meet requirements for this program. 


Six steps are required to obtain certification:


1.      Organize 2 – 3 lake cleanups per year;

2.      Provide ACLC brochures to visitors and rental properties along the lake;

3.      Place ACLC’s “Help Protect Loons” signs at boat launches;

4.      Monitor loon nests on the lake and report problems to the ACLC;

5.      Maintain ACLC fishing line recycling containers at the lake;

6.      Act to reduce instances of lead poisoning in loons (not a requirement for certification): raise awareness, organize a lead fishing tackle collection drive, encourage participation in ACLC’s lead tackle buy-back program, share information about the dangers of fishing with lead tackle in PLA newsletters and Facebook page;

7.      Take actions to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, describing them on the ACLC’s Annual Project Checklist.


The ACLC provides all the educational material, signs and recycling containers listed above.  All participating lake associations and community groups are requested to annually donate a minimum of $100 to help continue this program.  Participants will receive needed training and materials.  Benefits include: recognition on the ACLC website and discounts on merchandise at the Adirondack Loon Center and ACLC field trips.  Additional information regarding this program is on the ACLC website: info@adkloon.org  and 518-354-8636.


If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact Chips and Ann Arend.  The ACLC may have a training session in May (we assume via Zoom), so please contact us soon.

Cell Phone: 610-509-5638

Email Address: arend866@gmail.com



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